bullet6 Grounded Outlets, Switch Controlled
bullet3-Line Surge Protector
bulletLighted Rocker Switch
bullet6 Ft. Cord
bulletUL Listed
bulletEMI-Electromechanical Interference Protection
bulletRFI-Radio Frequency Interference Protection
bulletMetal Case
bulletModem and Phone/Fax Protection
bulletPlastic Case
bulletUL Listed

6 Outlet Strip with 1-Line Surge

6 Outlet Strip with 3-Line Surge and EMI/RFI


bullet6 Outlets
bulletFull 3-Line Surge Protector
bulletUL Listed
bullet15 Amp, 125 VAC 60 Hz
bulletProtection made Transverse and Common
bulletEMI/RFI Filter
bulletMetal Case


bullet6 Outlets
bulletSurge Supressor
bullet15 Amp, 125 VAC, 60 Hz
bulletUL Listed
bulletMetal Case
Rating Voltage: 115 Volts AC Maximum Clamping Ratio: 1.2:1
Maximum Voltage: 125 Volts, 60 Hz Clamping Voltage: 175 Volts
Continuous Duty: 1875 Watts Clamping Response Time: 10 Nanoseconds (10x10)
Temperature Range: -40 to + 80 Maximum Surge Dissipation: 50 Joules
Maximum Spike Current: 4 AN 8x20 Microsecond Self-Restoring: 25 Joules
Surge Pulse: 4500 Amps Frequency Range: 1 KHz to 100 KHz
Maximum Surge Voltage: 6000 Volts Attenuation: -5 to -40 dB
Electrical Rating: 125 VAC, 15 Amps (1875 Watts) Maximum Clamping Ration: 1.2:1
Maximum Surge Voltage: 6 KV Clamping Voltage: 175 Volts
Maximum Surge Dissipation: 50 Joules Clamping Response Time: Less Than 1 Nanosecond
Maximum Spike Current: 4500 Amps, 25C Temperature Range: -40C to +80C
#SP-25 Inline Coaxial Cable
BNC Male to Female

bulletGas Tube 90 V (min.) Type
bulletReturn Loss: 16 dB Typical
bulletInsertion Loss: 0.5 dB max. - 50-470 MHz,
1.0 dB max. - 470-900 MHz
bulletNormal Resistance Across Coax:
10,000 Mega Ohms (10x4 Mega Ohms)
bulletsurge Protection Attacks Time:
100 Nano Seconds (10x-7 sec.)
bulletMaximum Surge Current:
5000A per 8/20 microsec
[Surge Protector]#SP-2 'F' Type Surge Protector
bulletNormal Resistance Across Coax: 10.000 Megaohms
bulletSurge Resistance: Approx. 0 Ohms
bulletSurge Protection Attack Time: 0.0000001 Seconds (100 Nanosec.)
bulletPower Passing Capability:
   50 Volts DC or AC Peak-to-Peak
   36 Volts RMS, 10 Amps
bulletInsertion Loss: Less Than 0.2 dB Video -1500 MHz
bulletReturn Loss (75 Ohm):
   16 dB (VSWR 1.38) Video - 500 MHz
   14 dB (VSWR 1 50) 500-1500 MHz Connectors: One "F" Male, One "F" Female
bulletDimensions: 1.385" Long x 0 815" Diameter

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